MFA Collector's Choice event!!!

Had a splendid evening last night at Annapolis Volvo.  Acoustic guitar, a well known local mixologist, scrumptious food and great art...Definitely my idea of a good time.

I was happy to see my donated piece "Annapolis Sail #2159" go home with a new enthusiastic patron and I even bought a ticket a took home a new painting from Izzy Winn for myself!  If you have not attended this annual event, you need to change that.  It's the last Sunday in October each year and there were over 400 tickets purchased this year...that means 200+ pieces of art to choose from!  

The event was a real nail biter!  So much excitement and playful banter, and friendly competition between attendees.  Go to to see how you can participate next year, or purchase a piece that did not find a home last night at the event.

Thank you JoAnne Vaughn and Co. for a lovely evening.  What an honor to be an artist represented by such tireless professionals!