One More Thing...

The Holiday Shoppe at West Annapolis is going to be curated next week, so if you aren't on the mailing list and would like a postcard sent to you regarding hours and what's featured, please call the shop or email me  We'd love to send you one via email or a nice hardcopy!

I'll be showing some of my fiber duds in addition to six paintings.  

I also brought home a piece that was in the Art of the Forest Show that I forgot to photograph before sending it to the gallery, so I'll post that tomorrow.  It's mixed media...greys with some fun, bright accents.  My dad saw it yesterday and liked it, which is nothing short of miraculous.  He doesn't generally comment on art stuff.  He's into realism, not my weird whimsy.

Anyhow, consider yourself invited to the Holiday Shoppe open house reception.  Not sure when it's gonna be yet, but will keep you posted.

Also- I plan to have a solo show at Circle Gallery's Holley Gallery (the solo show space adjacent to the main gallery) perhaps this coming summer, if all goes well.  Until then you can find my work at Paul's Homewood Cafe over the holidays beginning December 8.  Showing a large body of work with a very well known photographer.  Should be fun.

Signing off now...