Better Late Than Never...

An old buddy and her son were over today.  I had so much fun that the day kind of escaped without me getting much done.  But since it's Saturday, I guess I'll give myself a hall pass.

The second waterman piece will be posted tomorrow instead of today.  It's too big to get up the stairs to hang and photograph tonight, and it's much to dark anyhow.  Need good sunlight for a decent shot of a painting with colors that fair.

Here are photos of the mixed media piece I mentioned yesterday, and also a photo of the piece with it's mate, another mixed media.  I actually like the two together much better as a pair than as separate articles.  I supposed paintings are like people that way.  Two's an awfully nice number.

These two pieces will be at Paul's Homewood Cafe (Annapolis) in December/January.  I was asked to bring between fifteen and twenty pieces.  SO, between that and the West Annapolis Art Works gig, I think I'll be pretty busy this fall.  I am still working on my super secret project as well, although less so as I've had sick kids for nearly three weeks straight.  Not my favorite.

Anyhow, thank you for looking and here you go:

Birch (Gray, Turquoise) with watercolor falling leaves

Birch Turquoise with Creek