Disturbed or Just Hungry?

Got about three hours in this morning on the cows.  Was hoping to be finished today, but I would estimate 5-6 more hours til completion.

I was hungry this morning, it seems.  My cows went from happy to horrified in a matter of a paint schmear.  I accidentally got a big blob of deep crimson on my cow's shank.  At first I was hurrying to wipe it off.  Then I thought of the irony.  The shank looked like raw meat after the red paint.  And the truth is, I'm painting this piece for a restaurant show anyhow, so why not?  It is a tad morbid, but perhaps that's better than cutsie cows that may hinder a diner from ordering the T-Bone.  Which is why I've decided to name the painting "T-Bone".  I hope the restaurant doesn't think I'm psycho.

I did more shading in the background and put a darker layer of turquoise on the fence, in addition to turquoise, rather than black, for the eyes and hooves.  I don't like to use black.  It seems to flatten anything that I mix with it, and my aim is brighter, not flatter, in all my works.

Anyhow- that's what I did today, so far.  Was a bit tired this morning as I had two events last night and didn't get home until midnight, just in time for the two-year-old to start screaming because he wet his bed (through an overnight diaper, footie pjs, and two thick blankets.  He's a total hoser.  

I want to thank Su Anne Martinez for throwing us (her house artists at West Annapolis Artworks) and the other participants of the Holiday Shoppe Show such a lovely reception last night.  The more time I spend there, the more I enjoy it, the atmosphere, and especially the people.  I'm anxious to see what the theme of the next show will be.  

I really need to get some new work out the door.  Other work projects have been commanding my time (and sick family past three weeks--yet again!).  I hope that will be changing in January.

Thank you for listening.  Here's progress on T-Bone.