Long Weekend...

Hello and good evening-

I only have a few moments until my eyes shut themselves.  My brain is protesting, insisting they stay open long enough for me to post a quick photo of the next painting I plan to do.  But, I am very close to being down for the count....

This sketch is of a clam digger.  It's part of my super secret project that I may or may not get.  Art kinda sucks that way.  The good news is that I sold three fiber pieces in one afternoon last week, which definitely put a little pep in my step the rest of the week....then came the weekend. 

Weekends are supposed to be time to recharge...but I was busy catching projectile vomit in a large batter bowl.  Gross.  Three men down does not make for a great weekend.  Especially when the men down are all under eleven.  My oldest turned eleven last week.  We had a fun date and I took her shopping, just to get home and have her up all night barfing.  Then both little brothers followed suit.  Seriously, I could go nuts.  My only consolation is that I am entirely out of the house tomorrow!!!  Yippee!  I'm installing seventeen pieces at a restaurant in Annapolis.  Very exciting!  And no kids will be there! Perfect!

Ok, my phone and Macbook refuse to communicate tonight, but I will post the sketch when I get home tomorrow from my outing.  Super excited about starting a new, smaller piece!

Sorry I don't have any goodies for you to look at tonight.