Project on Hold...Waiting is no Fun.

It's been quite a few weeks since I posted new work.  I've begun four new pieces that will hopefully grace the walls of a cool new restaurant in a D.C. suburb.  My contact has not let me know whether the first show at the restaurant will be mine or not, so the project is on hold.  I've spent four hours prepping canvases and I've picked up some new tubes of acrylic paint.  I need to stop stockpiling supplies for the project until I find out that it's mine for sure.


So, I've been working on smaller projects in the meantime and concentrating on marketing myself.  One of which is a freebee for a nonprofit, an elementary school.  The PTA there has planned to start an annual 5k run at the school beginning this fall and...they needed a logo for the event.  Actually, two logos.  One for the front of the t-shirt and one for the back.  I was limited to four colors including black.  Here's the fun part...the mascot for the school is a dragon.  Do you know how hard it is to draw a dragon with running shorts on?


I'm sending the two logos in to be reviewed by the PTA contact.  I'm hoping she likes it.  Will post photos after it's ok'd.


Thanks for reading...