Big project in the works...

Last week a fellow artist and master marketing guru asked me about providing the art for a cool new restaurant (which will go unnamed for now as the opportunity has yet to be confirmed by the powers that be).  The art would be on display for approx. two months.  I would need about 20 small / medium sized works, or ten or so large works.  I'm going for size.  It just seems that larger pieces get more ooooohs and aaaahhhs.  Also, larger pieces give more room to show what your getting at artistically.

So, tonight I thought about what I want on my canvases.  I prepped two 36x40 inch gallery wrapped canvases and tried out some new paints that I bought last week (don't tell the hubby).

I'm going to post what I have so far tomorrow.  It's pretty fun.  Not at all serious like my past few works that had an urban feel.  These new works will be of food, and the people that make the food.  That's the only hint I'm offering for now.  But, the colors are vibrant and cool in tone.  Very saturated...and I'm planning on doing mixed media, since I've been experimenting with pastels over my acrylics, and I may throw some charcoal in there too...depends on how I'm feeling, I guess.  Wish me luck!  I want this show in the worst way.