My Painting "Rock and Belly Roll" featured in Capital Gazette, Annapolis

Two announcements today:  First, my painting, Rock and Belly Roll, was front and center in the lifestyle section of the Capital Gazette online edition Monday.  Pretty exciting!  

The article by Sarah Hainesworth was based on an interview with the Maryland Federation of Art Director, Joanne Vaughn.  The piece also included information on a painting by Patrice Drago, a favorite friend and artist.

Each October, member artists like myself, are asked to donate one signature original work to the Collector's Choice auction.  Rock and Belly Roll, is my creative donation this year, and I'm very anxious to see who takes my robust fisherman home at the event.  Tickets are still available so please attend if you can.  I buy a ticket and bring home a new piece of art too each year...and for the low cost of only $185 for an original work of art, dinner, drinks, and music per couple, it's a stellar deal!

Here's a link to the event.  It's this Sunday! 

One more thing.  We have the date set for the Gallery B artist's reception.  It will be Friday, November 13, from 6-9 pm.  I will personally be there to meet with patrons from 6-8 pm.  I believe the address is 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda MD.  It's in a great area with lots to do, so if you're coming from out of town, make a weekend of it!

Here's a link to the Gallery B event!

I've sketched out a new piece entitled, "Aubrey's Glow" which I will share with you soon. I am also currently working on a painting for a nearby church autumn project so please be patient for new up coming works!  The flu/allergy season has been a killer this past month around here and I'm behind (yes, I know, again.).  Is everyone on the East Coast sick, or it it just me?