Night Swell #1, #2 Chosen For Designer Homes Show

Woohoo!  My two small abstracts entitled Night Swell #1 and Night Swell #2 were chosen for a chi-chi designer home show in historic Annapolis.  The "home" is actually a historic church that was recently converted to residential space.  It is so beautiful!  I believe the building is at Maryland Avenue and Prince George Street, very close to the Maryland State House.

Thank you to Patrice Drago, a friend, colleague, and board member of MFA who presented my work to the designer who ultimately chose the pieces.  Off to the framer I go!

I'll post info on the reception and dates for the home show tour.  I'm very excited about this opportunity because I've been wanting to do some smaller works, specifically abstract exercises that take less time and can therefore be priced to reflect that.

I generally work big, which is great for folks looking to invest in a large fine art piece.  But, because I spend up to 40 hours on some of these pieces and need to be reimbursed for my time and materials, these larger pieces are often at a price point that may be out of reach for casual collectors or art enthusiasts.  These pieces can be purchased over time, in a payment plan, but art is also often an impulse buy as well, so lay-a-way doesn't interest many potential buyers.

So, these smaller pieces will be framed and priced around $100.  I'll post them as they are completed but most will go to West Annapolis Artworks, a gallery that represents me and a handful of other locals.  This Fall/Winter they are partnering with Hospice and twenty percent of all gallery sales during this period will be donated to Hospice.

Thank you so much for reading...and a warm "hello" to viewers in Manila, Kiev, and Long Island, NY who have frequented my site this week!  Welcome!