Ugh. I got a rejection letter...and it's raining...and it's Monday...

With the internet catapulting many artists forward without galleries and formal juried shows on their resume, there really is very little reason to enter into these traditional means to gain exposure by the masses.  No reason, unless you are like me, a glutton for who seeks confirmation that my craft is of a professional level.   For me, there is nothing to parallel my paint slinging displayed on huge white walls with fancy lighting and gallery personnel at the ready to answer any possible question a gallery goer may have regarding  the carefully curated works or the artist him/herself.  I realize that validation from outside vendors is passé, but I don't care. 

I have a (wee bit) of a competitive streak that has only made itself known the past decade or so.  Unlike many of my artistic counterparts and contemporaries, I don't just paint for myself.  I paint for a chance at a smile or an agreeable nod from art enthusiasts and other artists. I'm turning 42 shortly, so it's highly unlikely that this need for vindication will subside, even if I (somehow) get into every show I try for.  It's a high I can't give up at this point in my life.

However, this need for gallery likes comes with a rather harsh bite at times, like today, when I got a rejection letter for a show that I thought would be a slam dunk.  So much for my estimating skills...the pieces I'm most stoked about often are passed up by jurors and other pieces that I can't even figure out myself, find a connection to a new patron or collector.  The process is entirely subjective and makes very little sense to anyone, even those who won't admit it.

I need to apologize for not having photos for you today.  I will just say that I'm excited with November, Lake Superior, and I'm feeling the home stretch this week.  Also, I have a big, bold portrait in the works for the Maryland Federation of Art winter member's show in January.  You can start praying for me now (please--I really want in that show!).  

If you're in Annapolis in early March, I'll be hung at Circle Gallery in the Historic District for the Melange I show.  Please come if you can.

A hearty "Hello" to my new viewers in very northern Canada and in Norway!  Come back soon!

Signing off for now...