T- Six Days Til School Starts! Yippee!

My three year old who generally doesn't nap had a meltdown today that hastened an unscheduled nap from about 3-5pm...so I got the paints out and started to work on two small paintings for the "Small Wonders" show at Circle Gallery through the MFA.  

These little pieces are each 6x6, well within the 11" parameters for qualifying for the show.  Last year I didn't enter the show.  At the time, I was working on two large pieces and couldn't manage to squeak out a small work that I was happy with.

Generally, my paintings are detailed, crisp lines, and definitive subject matter.  However, I've always loved the abstract.  I have several artist buddies who are venturing from a kind of realism to abstract and I'm really astounded by the progression of each.  

As loose and unbridled as abstract painting may appear to the untrained eye, that notion is entirely false.  From my perspective as an artist, abstract paintings demand much more balance on the canvas, a much more interesting palette, and deliberate use of space in the composition.  It's easy to go overboard with paint, which is why abstract paintings are often very controlled and more type A than Type B.  It's about letting go without letting go too much.  In other words, it's really easy to booger up an abstract once it's moving.

So today I have two small abstract paintings for you after my spritely session on the kitchen island.  It was much too dark downstairs and I needed to help my three school aged kids with their summer workbooks while slinging paint so I set up shop in the kitchen.  It was so nice to get in some work when I didn't think I'd get any today.

Hope you like them!

 "Night Swell No. 1"

"Night Swell No. 1"

 "Night Swell No. 2"

"Night Swell No. 2"

night swell 1,2, upside down

Ok, so here's the tough part...I think I like them better upside down (directly above).

Feel free to cast your vote...right side up (first two photos of individual pieces) or upside down?