Thank you Maryland Federation of Art!

Yesterday was a fabulous reception at Circle Gallery.  We were celebrating the beginning of a very visually stimulating show by way of color!  I can't remember a show that bright and engaging since I joined MFA three years (or four?) years ago.

Also a very hearty "Bravo" to Sharon at MFA who did the hanging.  She did a bang-up job of getting a very diverse use of media to hang seamlessly and effortlessly on the coveted wall expanse at MFA.  It's a small gallery in terms of square footage, however, the layout is beautiful and the space is warm, brick and original wood floors to a historic building dating to the early 1800's.

I am so surprised and delighted to have been chosen for the show.  Thanks to Dr. Cristin Cash for including my piece in the Fall Members Show this year!

Cristen Cash is a professor of art history at St. Mary's College, as well as director of Boyden gallery, also in St. Mary's City.