Tomorrow is Installation Day!

Installation for Melange I goes in tomorrow at Circle Gallery (MFA) in Historic Annapolis on State Circle.  I'm pretty excited.  In addition to putting holes in a solid panel cherrywood wall, I get to see my art buddies (hello, Patrice!) and socialize for a couple hours while best situating my art on the wall.  I'll try and get some photos from the install.

I dropped off two regatta themed paper works over the weekend for the Hospice Cup.  Those will be in Holley Gallery (if I made the cut).

I do have bad news though.  Despite my best efforts, my chapel is still not done.  It's making me nuts.  It seems as if the faster I try to work on it, the more boogered up it gets, so tonight, I spend a few hours and just tried to slow down.  I painted over some areas that were not ideal and added a few goodies too.  I worked on the floor because I had some drippy paint ideas and that works best on a perfectly flat surface.

Anyhow, I've got a photo for you.  Will have more on Wednesday when I (Please God!) finish this piece up.

 Do you notice any difference from the last photos posted? 

Do you notice any difference from the last photos posted? 

We had a gorgeous day today.  I got five eggs from my chickens after months of nearly nothing.  They hate cold weather.

I'm about to fall on my keyboard and sleep...

See you Wednesday...