I'm gonna blame this one on the upcoming election...

Geez.  I have no idea where this came from except for the fact that I've been watching too much news = too much violence and high-spun information.

I'm tired of it (can I get an amen?).

The worst of humanity is reflected in the carnage of war but I'd have to say that the political process (for those of us lucky enough to live in democracies) is probably the second ugliest thing that "civilized" people do and do to each other.

So, I sat down for six hours and this is what poured out of my brain and onto the canvas.***

 "Mind Over Matters"  20x40 Acrylic on Canvas (In Process)

"Mind Over Matters"  20x40 Acrylic on Canvas (In Process)

***I did not nor have I ever been under the influence of narcotics except for the birth of our third child who had an enormous head.  The physician tending to me found the outcome to be quite funny.  I had him and three nurses laughing out loud as soon as that I.V. drug (Nubane, to be exact) started into my veins.  This is why at 42, I have also never smoked (anything).  I know I'd love all that stuff and I'm not a gambler.  No one actually aspires to be a junkie, yet it happens to good folks from all walks of life.

Anyhow- thank you to my new viewers from FASO!  Especially those from far away places like Korea (and Canada!).  Welcome!  I hope your Sunday is a restful one.