More Good News!!!! Show #4 Notification

This morning at about 6 a.m., as I took a sip of my French press coffee, I noticed that "Custer State Park" was staring at me from across the room, quite cross with me, screaming out silent messages that included:

"I'm too dark.  I want to be a Spring day, not a rainy one!" ...and

"My clouds are too heavy!  I look like a beached whale!"

This is why artistic types are notoriously flaky weirdos.  The walls indeed talk to us.  And if they talked to you, you'd be just a tad bit north of "off" as well.

So, I'm finally closing the book on this painting after reaching a contented peace with the changes I made the past four hours.  I'm hoping you'll agree that the piece is lighter now.  One can really see the landscape without those bulky clouds getting in the way.  And honestly, although I truly like clouds, it's the hues in the landscape that really draw my eyes and affections.  The clouds are just cake, really.

So, I believe this piece has a new home...that's if she has not given up on me after all these changes.  


Please forgive the glare and poor quality photo.  It's dark here today and the wet paint is reflecting what light there is, a little too much.

So besides my Custer State Park drama this week, I got some really exciting news!  My piece entitled, "Calvin" was accepted by the juror for the "Flora and Fauna" show at the Annapolis Maritime Museum in May.  I tried to get into this very same show last year and failed miserably, so I was at once shocked and thrilled at the notification yesterday.  So happy!  

This really has been a benchmark Spring for me.  I've never been juried into four shows that are happening (mostly) simultaneously, or chosen by such really impressive art critics.  Can't believe it.  Pinch me (or don't and let me revel a little bit more!).  

Speaking of which, this is the last week to see my work "Tag #56 (No.3)" at Gallery B in Bethesda on Wisconsin Avenue.  Then "Runoff" will be auctioned off at the Maryland Hall for the Arts Annual Gala next Friday.  Lastly, "Farm on Grace Road" will be hung next week at Circle Gallery in Historic Annapolis for the Maryland Federation of Art Spring Member Show.

See you tomorrow with my DownEast Maine Lobsterman painting in process...I think you're gonna like it!  I put down the underpainting today.  It's going to be a very happy painting.  I've got nothing but smiles today!

Thank you as always.  So humbled and feeling very blessed.