Custer State Park (Final)

Good morning!  There was still a little something in me suggesting that this piece wasn't what it could be.  So, yesterday, I worked on the clouds some more, and added warmth to the terra, softened up the hills, and was finally, really and truly, done.


Here's the final (I realize I've been saying this for two weeks, but I really mean it this time).


Today is my 43rd birthday and there isn't anyone or anywhere I'd rather be.  My husband got home last night from a trip and brought me some beautiful flowers, my kiddos are loving up all over me this morning, and I'm going hunting for a couple last pieces for that Maine  cottage I've been obsessing over since November.  It's almost done!  Leading a design and renovation from thirteen hours away is not what I thought it would be, although I'm certain all the hiccups (hello leaky roof!) will fall away as soon as I see it complete.  Thank you to my team, especially Lorraine!

I put another layer of paint down on my lobsterman painting this morning for the underpainting.  I was hoping to have it sketched by now, but the color needs to be right first...

Come back tomorrow?