I began a new large abstract piece today.  At 24x36", this piece is at once soothing and demanding of attention.  As I experiment more with looser paint and brush strokes and more "white" space on the canvas, I'm feeling that my work is presenting as calmer, gentler works that would perhaps be more appealing to folks looking for something that would be just at home over a rustic hearth as it would in a workspace or sitting room.

"Estuaries" is inspired by the Chesapeake Bay.  As soon as warm weather arrives (or basically the weather goes from 50 degrees to 90 degrees in two week's time), folks around here start making plans for crabs, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia beaches, and waterside meals of burgers and dogs.  

I was looking at the Maryland map this morning and thought it might be nice to attempt an abstract topographic map of sorts in some softer hues.  I had two mixed colors left over from yesterday that I didn't want to waste, so I started there.  Two hours later, I had this:


Since this photo, I've added more thick paint and water.  I'll post another in-progress photo tomorrow.  I suspect this piece will be finished up by tomorrow night.  Hope you'll stop back to see the completed composition.

Thank you as always for spending some of your day in my studio...