Very Excited to Present "Osso Bucco" (Finally)

Good Morning!  And indeed it is.  I love being finished (who doesn't?)

Finishing up a painting is very stressful.  Because like many things in life, knowing when to stop is imperative.  Many a paintings (mine) have been ruined in the final stretch.  I sometimes second guess myself toward the end...adding paint that should have stayed in the tube.  And once it goes down, if I don't get it off right away, it's too late, the deed is done (unlike the new California law).

I'm really very pleased with the completed piece and will be entering in the juried Winter members show at Circle Gallery through the Maryland Federation of Art, in historic Annapolis. Wish me luck.  My cohorts may think I went off the deep end with this one being a tad sadistic.  However, like I said, it's end user is (hopefully) a hip restaurant.  I have five + pieces to complete before I can submit for that project, but I'm feeling liberated today, having gotten this monster done (finally).  I'll be moving on to The Clamdigger this week, which I estimate at either a 16x16 or 20x20, should take me two full days to do.  

Anyhow, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure...You'll notice since  yesterday's post, I've added Payne's Gray for lowlights and details.  It really makes a difference.  Finding the optimal balance of light and dark in a piece is a puzzle really.  It's hard to know if you've really taken a good swing at it until it looks finished.  And if you think it's finished, it probably is.

Ok, just realized it's a little crooked (again). Will repost with straight image later on in the day.  I need to get cleaned up as I am presently highly offensive.   Have a great weekend!