Rock 'N (Jelly) Roll

Despite the fact that I was barfed on four times this morning, I managed to begin a new piece for the Of Fowl and Feather entry due this Thursday.  This piece will be called "Rock 'N (Jelly) Roll, after my male subject sans t-shirt.

Just to be sure that my subject never ever finds out that I painted his belly and his beloved rockfish, I am just using the image as an inspiration and will not be posting a close up of the actual photo.  I'm not inclined to make an enemy out of a fisherman.  They feed us, and since I prefer a full belly to a  hollow one, I will forgo a close up of this jolly fellow.

So today I have four photos.  The first is a photo from the fabulous reception and opening night for the Inauguration Show called Artists Across Maryland.  I realize I've gushed over being in this show already, but I'm still tingling over being asked to participate in the show.  It parallels being chosen for a large airport show.  Pretty stinking cool.


Me and Osso Bucco :)  The reception room is at the end of the hall.  We had more than one hundred people come through, which is a huge success as far as receptions go...

My prepped canvas 40x40" and my inspiration photo (poor guy!)


My rough sketch, about 20 minutes worth.

This evening, I'm in the kitchen working because it is so bleary out.  It may as well be after 8pm.  The sun hasn't been out at all today.  That may be why I used Cadmium Red Medium Hue as my canvas base.  I'm dying for some warmer weather and sun.  I love my Maryland, but secretly think I belong in San Diego...


Last image, about 40 minutes into the painting.  You can see here where I'm adding titanium white to the areas that will be bright white or kissed by the sun.  The right side is obviously where the sun is casting rays.  I'll add some shadows in a few hours, after I've gotten my chubby guy some color on. 

I have to say...this rockfish is coming along almost without any effort so far...of course that will change as I get into choosing the colors and blending everything together in a cohesive composition, but as for now, i'm pretty excited. Stay tuned!

***Side note ***For those of you north of Delaware, "rockfish" are what you all call "stripers"...Not to be confused with strippers...Although they may share some commonalities...