Quick Fixes

I place a newly finished painting on the wall for a few days and look at it before varnishing.  Because sometimes there are things that I've missed that need addressing before the final finish coat is applied.  

Last night I looked at Preakness Posterior on the wall quite a few times and realized that I'd gotten the shading all wrong on the jockey's shirt.  It was terrible and I know for sure that the juror would have noticed my folly while going over the piece for the U of MD College Park Art Gallery Show.  

This morning I added more color to the sleeve as well as the hand, then to the face.  Then I cleaned up some lines that needed a crisp finish.  Blurred areas are great for the body of the animal but when  light outlines the edge of the horse, it should produce a very distinct highlight or lowlight which I needed to refine on my piece a bit.

Anyhow, below is again the piece I posted yesterday then below it is the completed piece with corrections.  You may or may not have noticed where I made changes without reading along, but you will (hopefully) see a clearer subject and cleaner lines.

I hope you like it and even more so...I hope Yumi Hogan likes it.  I really need to be chosen for this show!  It's at my alma mater for crying out loud! (Please, Yumi?)

 yesterday's done piece

yesterday's done piece

(Above) Today's completed piece that was submitted to MFA for Juror to see.  This piece has also been submitted to Kimberly Santini, the official 2015 Kentucky Derby Artist for her Facebook page.  The photograph that I used for this painting belongs to her and she was so kind as to share!  Thanks Kim!  Send me more photos of horses...I think I could get used to painting them!

Thanks as always for plugging along with me...