Sleeping With The Fishes No. 2 Sketch

It's a sad thing when an artist realizes that a piece is not worthy of keeping, especially when that particular piece spent 15-20 hours of your studio time.

But, if it's not something to be proud of than it needs to go away, or in the case of "Where Did I Go?", it was time for her to go. So I painted over her.

I love getting my acrylic spray paints out and going into the backyard to lay down some paint.  I put an old sheet down, wear gloves, an apron, and put my hair up like Aunt Jemima, yet I still manage to paint myself more than the canvas.  Not sure why.

I have a rough sketch for you today of "Sleeping With The Fishes No. 2" replacing the piece mentioned above.  Tomorrow, I will be putting the fish in above my dude.  I'm not sure why I made his facial features this way, but there's no point in trying to analyze myself at this late stage.  Speaking of which, I turned 42 on Sunday and had two lemon birthday cakes (I love lemon!), and a date with the hubby to get crabs at a local shack on the South River.  Also got lots of art supplies as gifts, one of which was a set of 64 pastels.  I created a piece with them on Friday but it's horrid, and I couldn't possibly share it with you.  Seriously, terrible.

 He's not doing a stiff test, he's sleeping.

He's not doing a stiff test, he's sleeping.

I send a warm "Hello" to new viewers in Thailand, India, and Quebec!  Thank you for plugging along with me.  Will have some new photos for you tomorrow, then lots more on Friday!